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Online - HACCP Advanced Verification Validation and Audit

 All The Verification, Validation, And Onsite And Remote Auditing And Inspections Under USDA, FDA And Other National And International Entities. Covers Food Safety And Thermobacteriology (Thermal Processing, Log Reduction, D, Z, And F Values), Emerging Technologies Based On Thermal Effects, Non-Thermal Processing Using: High Pressure Processing (HPP), Irradiation (X-Rays, Gamma Rays, Electron Beam), Pulsed Light, Fumigation, Fermentation, Formulation, Acidification, Cold Plasma And Many More Hurdle Technologies And Their Verifications And Validations To Ensure Food Safety.

 We are an accredited and approved Training Provider for BRC, SQF and the International HACCP Alliance.  Our instructors have been trained by the FDA and FSPCA for the PCHF, PCAF and FSVP courses.

Phone 773-821-1943

Module 1. Welcome, Introduction, History
Module 2. Food Safety Hazards
Module 3. Prerequisite Programs
Module 4: Five Preliminary Tasks and Seven Principles of HACCP 
Module 5: Verification and Validation of Prerequisite Programs
Module 6: Verification and Validation of Critical Control Points (CCPs)
Module 7: Verification and Validation of HACCP Systems
Module 8: Verification and Validation of HACCP Plan
Module 9: FSMA FDA Food Safety Plan Verification and Validation
Module 10: HACCP Regulatory Requirements
(USDA, FDA, etc.)
Module 11: Auditing HACCP Systems and Food Safety Systems
– Resources
– Glossary
– Acronyms
– HACCP Regulation
– Audit Check List
– National Advisory Committee on Microbiological
Criteria for Foods (NACMCF)
– Root Cause Analysis

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