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Online Produce HACCP

The Major Sources Of Foods For Humans And Animals Globally Are Plant-Based. Safe Plant-Based Food Is Full Of Nutrients, But Contaminated Plant-Based Foods Are Causing Millions Of Illnesses And Deaths All Around The World. This Course Examines In Depth The Routes Of Contamination Of Plant-Based Foods All The Way From Seeds Formation, Seed Harvesting And Treating To Growing, Harvesting, Packing, Holding, Processing And Transporting Produce Using The Most Current Scientific And Technical Understanding Of Safe Production Of Plant-Based Foods. It Also Examines Myriad Laws And Regulations Promulgated To Assure The Safety Of Plant-Based Foods For Both Humans And Animals.

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 We are an accredited and approved Training Provider for BRC, SQF and the International HACCP Alliance.  Our instructors have been trained by the FDA and FSPCA for the PCHF, PCAF and FSVP courses.

Module 1. Introduction, History, Definition

Module 2. Plant Food Science and Safety

Module 3. Laws and Regulations  Related to Plant-Based food for Human and Animals

Module 4. Organic Food Laws and Regulation

Module 5. Prerequisite Programs

Module 6. Food Safety Hazards

Module 7. Preliminary Steps

Module 8. Conduct Hazards Analysis

Module 9. Determine Critical Control Points

Module 10. Establish Critical Limits

Module 11. Establish Monitoring Procedures

Module 12.  Establish Corrective Action procedures

Module 13. Establish Verification Procedures

Module 14. Establish Record-Keeping and Documentation Procedures

Module 15. Implement, maintain, and reassess HACCP plans and systems

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