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Online - Food Package Manufacturing HACCP

Food Packages contain, protect, preserve and secure foods. They inform the general public and regulators about what is in them. They declare allergens. They are used to transport food all around the world. They declare the safety and quality of foods in them. They inform the public how to use or not use food that they hold. The packaging step is a major step in any food manufacturing establishment. They are also becoming more active, smart and intelligent. They are not only passive food holders anymore. They are able to “sense” what is in them and take corrective actions. Sensors, nanosciences and nanotechnology are revolutionizing food packaging. A whole host of laws and regulations are governing food packaging. This course covers them all. This course is for food package manufacturers and those food manufacturers that manufacture their own packages or receive food packages from food package manufacturers. If you are food safety and quality auditors or inspectors, you will find the course very useful. Around 40 % of recalls in the United States are related to improper packaging. Undeclared allergens, Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella spp. are responsible for over 85% of the recalls in the United States. This course is designed to reduce those recalls and associated illnesses and deaths dramatically in the hope of one day eliminating them all. So, this course is for all that are involved in the food industry along the national and global food supply chains.

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 We are an accredited and approved Training Provider for BRC, SQF and the International HACCP Alliance.  Our instructors have been trained by the FDA and FSPCA for the PCHF, PCAF and FSVP courses.

Table of Contents:
Module 1. Introduction to HACCP for Food Package Manufacturing
Module 2. Food Package Manufacturing, Science, Engineering and Art
Module 3. Food Package Manufacturing Laws and Regulations
Module 4. Food and Food Package Food Safety Hazards
Module 5. Prerequisite Programs
Module 6. Preliminary Steps
Module 7. The Principle of HACCP: Conduct a Hazard Analysis
Module 8: The Second Principle of HACCP: Determine Critical Control Points (CCPs)
Module 9: Third Principle of HACCP: Establish Critical Limits
Module 10: The Fourth Principle of HACCP: Establish Monitoring Procedures
Module 11. The Fifth Principle of HACCP: Establish Corrective Actions
Module 12: The Sixth Principle of HACCP: Establish Verification Procedures
Module 13: Seventh Principle of HACCP: Establish Record-Keeping and Documentation Procedures
Module 14: HACCP Plans and Systems Implementation Maintenance, and Reassessment

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