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Online - Environmental Monitoring Programs HACCP

The National Advisory Committee on Microbiological Criteria for Foods (NACMCF) defines “step” as a point, procedure, operation in the food safety system from primary production to final consumption.

The goal of this class is to provide information on how to establish solid validated safeguards at all steps along the global and national food supply chains using current scientific, technical, statutory, regulatory, managerial and other tools to control microbiological food safety hazards, especially Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella spp., to ensure the safety of foods . This course assist food industries under USDA HACCP, FDA FSMA, HACCP and other entities to prepare required microbiological environmental monitoring programs.

Phone 773-821-1943

 We are an accredited and approved Training Provider for BRC, SQF and the International HACCP Alliance.  Our instructors have been trained by the FDA and FSPCA for the PCHF, PCAF and FSVP courses.

Table of contents

Module 1 – Introduction, History and Definitions
Module 2. Rapid Products and Environmental Testing Methods -The FDA WGS – PCR – MNGS – ELISA
Module 3 – The Science of Environment and Food Safety
Module 4 – Laws and Regulations Related to the Environment and Food Safety
Module 5 – Organic Food Laws and Regulation Related to Safe Environment
Module 6 . Indicator Microorganisms
Module 7. Listeria Control Programs – Listeria Rule
Module 8. Salmonella Control Program – USDA
Module 9 – USDA NRCS Introduction to Waterborne Pathogens In Agricultural Watersheds
Module 10. The FSMA and Environmental Monitoring program – The FSMA FDA -EMP
Module 11. Steps in writing EMP Programs -FDA
Module 12 – Food Safety Hazards
Module 13 – Prerequisite Programs
Module 14 -Preliminary Steps – USDA – FDA – Codex – ICMSF – ISO – Others
Module 15 – The First Principle of HACCP – Conduct a Hazard Analysis
Module 16 – The Second Principle of HACCP – Determine Critical Control Points
Module 17 – The Third Principle of HACCP – Determine Critical Limits
Module 18 – The Fourth Principle of HACCP – Establish Monitoring Procedures
Module 19 – The Fifth Principle of HACCP – Establish Corrective Actions
Module 20 – Th Sixth Principle of HACCP – Establish Verification Procedures
Module 21 – The Seventh Principle of HACCP – Establish Record-Keeping and Documentation Procedures
Module 22 – Development, Implementation, Maintenance and Reassessment of EMP

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